Mike Logan is charismatic, and comfortable in front of the microphone and camera.  He has a natural ability to engage his guests and make them feel as if they are talking to Mike in their own living room.   He is likeable and a trustworthy resource or information while hosting sports shows.  Watch Mike on the platform and be AMAZED!



Mike Logan is a former NFL player that started his playing days in McKeesport, PA and always had a love for the sport. However it was the camaraderie of his teammates and coaches that motivated him to pour out his heart week in and week out. He was a standout in high school, so much so that he was recruited to play on the collegiate level at West Virginia (Mountaineers). After playing with great intensity, he was drafted into the NFL. Now that his playing days are over, he is giving back, this time as a coach. He currently serves as the special teams coach for USO Football in Pittsburgh, PA. USO stands for three schools, University Preparatory, Sci-Tech and Obama Academy. He loves being instrumental in molding the minds of young people by teaching the game of football and applying that to life. For instance, he says it is imperative for the players to embrace proper attire on the field that will translate to real world situations like job interviews. Speaking in general about today's youth, "I see so many young guys with their pants hanging down" he says, "we use football as a venue to teach life's lessons".

Logan also believes that coaching is a great tool to help with school work due to the complexity of the sport.

Head coach Lou Berry believes the players embrace Logan's knowledge of the game and look up to him having played in the NFL. Berry, visually elated about having a Super Bowl champion on his coaching staff "not too many people can say that".

Players Abner Roberts and Curtis Williams were excited to do interviews with Game Changers about how Logan has helped them both in football and in life. Williams told me that he was helped significantly with school work, while Roberts stressed how the lesson of refraining from misusing social media and treating women stood out most to him.

This video was shot over a course of three days to see Logan's interaction with the team and it was magical. Even on the grand stage after Superbowl XL Mike Logan paid homage to those who got him to this point in his life, now he wants to pass that on. He is a true class act and a true Game Changer. - Brian Cook producer, writer, videographer