Mike Logan was born in Saint Clair Village on the Southside of Pittsburgh in 1974.  The Pittsburgh Steelers were in the midst of creating a dynasty during that decade. Mike had always dreamed of playing for his hometown team. At age 6 he stood upon a play coal-bin in the Whitaker Projects and boldly stated to a group of friends that he would play for the Steelers.  He also told them that he would win a Super Bowl!  His friends chuckled, even mocked him a bit, and started their game of free-frawl.  That was the first day of working toward his dream to play in the NFL.


On the road to becoming a professional football player, Mike was faced with many obstacles.  His path led him to McKeesport, PA where he played under the WPIAL famed  Coach George Smith.  Smith told Logan that he had what it took to make it as a professional player.  He emphasized specific points for Mike to focus on.  He gave him a list of short and long term goals to work towards.  Logan listened attentively to that advice which included the sage piece of wisdom, "ALWAYS look for the good in ALL people."  Mike worked hard and was awarded a full athletic scholarship to West Virginia University.  His tenure under Hall of Fame Coach Don Nehlen would be met with many adversities.  Mike broke the same arm three times in three different places. However, Coach Nehlen believed in Mike's abilities and had confidence that he would recover. Logan bounced back and had a Hall of Fame career at West Virginia University.  Mike was drafted into the NFL in the 2nd round by the Jacksonville Jaguars.  His life long journey to play in the NFL had begun.


Mike learned a lot from Jaguars coach, Tom Coughlin.  His coaching style was rigid and tough.  Certainly a lot different than what he was used to at West Virginia University.  But Mike was open to learning and bettering himself under Coughlin.   With hard work, he secured the starting free safety job in his 3rd year.  He was now a highly sought after free agent.


In 2001, Logan was signed by The Pittsburgh Steelers.  He was back home to play for the team that he grew up idolizing.  Now, he had to complete that dream, and win a Super Bowl.  The team had been to the AFC Championship 3 times, which is one game away from the Super Bowl.  In 2005, the Steelers were a sixth seed in the playoffs and would need to win 3 games on the road to make it to the Super Bowl.  They won all 3 games, and defeated the the Seahawks 21-10 in Super Bowl XL. 


Today, Mike is a sought after keynote speaker, and is a radio personality for the Pittsburgh Power.  He also donates his time generously and coaches high school football.  He enjoys mentoring and teaching kids.  Mike helps kids realize that their dreams can be part of their reality.